Monday, March 23, 2009

Fuzzy Slippers

When I was a kid my grandmother use to come visit us once a year. She would sleep in my room and put her teeth in a glass on the table between the beds. Sharing a room with her was not something I can say I enjoyed but I did love it when she came. Every year she would bring us a new pair of slippers that she had knitted for us. My brother and I would put them on and rush to the basement where we would spend hours "skating" in our slippers.

I never really liked the slippers for their intended use. I thought they looked funny, thinking back they must have looked even funnier on my brother. But mom would tell us to be thankful.

I didn't think about the slippers for many years then one day my aunt mailed me a pair. The smile that came to my face was bigger than I'm sure my grandmother ever saw when she gave me them. See, now I get what mom meant by being wasn't about the slippers was about being loved...

I wear the slippers proudly now..even though my children laugh at them. Maybe someday when I'm gone and they are cleaning out my things, one of them will slip on my slippers and they too will understand that love never ends.

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  1. I love this! Great post. This is exactly why you should be blogging. Keep the stories coming! :)