Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Bible

Growing up we had a Bible in every room. It was one of the first words I learned how to spell, thanks to the song..The B I B L E. It was quoted and referred to on a daily bases but yet I still find it a mystery.

Other people seem to be able to read the bible and find comfort and I suppose at times I do to, but for the most part it gets my mind racing in many different directions.

Such as...I was reading Joshua 13 and God said "Joshua, you are very old" Now my question is ..How old do you have to be for God to think you are old? And how depressed did this make Joshua? I get depressed when my kids think I'm old, let alone God...And another thing...if I was to hear God speak I think I would want to hear...Well done good and faithful servant, not you are VERY old.

Poor Joshua, guess I will put him on my list of people to talk to when I get to heaven

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