Saturday, April 25, 2009

What's in a name?

My daughter is getting married in a little over three months and I find myself stressing about the strangest things.

One of the first things that came to my mind and still enters it on a regular bases is....What will my son in law call me?

This may sound strange to you but it is very important to me. A name helps identify who you are. It tells people something about you when they hear it.

So what will my son in law call me? My dad called his mother in law Mrs Benson. I thought that sounded cold especially since my mom called her mother in law Mom. I have never known what to call my mother in law so I resort to Grandma Weed. My husband calls my mom Bonnie.

So here is what I know right now..I don't want to be called Mrs. Weed and I really don't want him to call me mom. Not that I would mind but I really don't want my daughter calling his mom mom so I don't think that would be good. Dianne works but I would like to come up with a more enduring name. Something that says that I am someone special to him...not just his mother in law.

I have asked him to think about what he wants to call me but I am sure he has other things on his mind. So here are some ideas I have

Mama D
Mama Weed
Mother in law dearest fairest of them all....just kidding

I think I'm leaning to Mama Weed...then maybe the grandkids could just call me this too. My husband could be papa Weed. This sounds friendly someone you would want to go to when you need something. Like someone you would care about. I think this may be my name....It reminds me of the Bernstein Bears with Mama Bear and Papa Bear and who doesn't love that vision.

So what do you think a mother in law should be wise cracks please.

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