Thursday, April 16, 2009


Recycling is something that we all have become familiar with in the past ten years. Of course I recycle my water bottles and gather my papers and throw them in their special bin. Doesn't everyone?

But my parents and grandparents were recycling long before the garbage man handed us our recycle bins.

My grandfather was a preacher and as I look at the back of each of his neatly typed sermons I see that he didn't use typing paper. Why would you do that when the back of the power bill was blank? Each one of grandpa's sermons are like a glimpse of history. Want to know what the church insurance was in 1952, I'm sure I can find it.

Not only was paper treated with respect but heaven forbid if you though away a piece of foil or plastic sandwich bag. All you had to do was wash it and it would be ready
for tomorrows leftovers.

When I got married I was encouraged to carefully open each gift without ripping the paper then I went home and ironed each piece and every ribbon. I didn't have to buy wrapping paper for over a year.

No, we may think we recycle but we have along was to go. What have you recycled today?

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